Navy veteran out to dinner with wife gets interrupted by 5 young men who make him tear up

Lou and his wife Annette were out to dinner one night at their local Cracker Barrel. As usual, Lou was wearing his U.S Navy Vietnam vet cap Pretty soon a young man walked over to their table and started chatting with Lou. It was a little strange that someone would walk up to their table and just start a conversation but what the man said left Lou speechless.

The young man was there with a few of his friends, and they were all Marines. They had seen that Lou was a veteran and wanted to let him know how much they appreciated his service. As service members themselves, they know the sacrifice and dedication that Lou had made and wanted to express their gratitude for her service.

It didn’t stop with just the one interaction though. One by one each of the Marines went up to Lou’s table interrupting his meal, just to thank him for his service and offer a handshake.
Lou talked for a moment with each of them and wished them well in their future endeavors in the military. Then he returned to his meal with his wife thinking that was the end of it.

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