The Smart lawyer

An old man on his death bed has spent his

entire life pinching pennies and clinging to all

of his money. Friendless, he is surrounded by

his priest, doctor, and lawyer.
Just before he dies he tells them, “I know most

people say that you can’t bring

money with you after you die, but I want you to

all throw this into my grave just as they are

about to bury me.” With this being said he

hands them all envelopes with $50,000 in


After his funeral the three are discussing the

money. The doctor says, “I have to confess

something. I’ve really been wanting a vacation

so I only threw $40,000 in.”

The priest follows, “I must also confess. We

are renovating the church so I only threw in

$25,000. I feel terrible.”

The lawyer lashes out at them, “You guys are

terrible! Not only did I throw in the $50,000 he

gave me, but I added my own $10,000.”

The doctor replies, “Why in the world would

you give that greedy man your money?”

The lawyer replies, “He was a good man so I

wrote him a check for the full amount.”

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