Identity of Elderly Woman Left Outside Hospital Still Remains A Mystery

A couple of weeks ago, a weak, elderly woman was dropped off outside a local hospital. Until now, the police are still baffled with regards to her identity. That is why they are appealing to the public to help them identify this woman.

According to the authorities, they believe that the woman is around 80 to 90 years old. She was left just outside of Nambour Hospital by a man. He told the police that he found her wandering around the Mooloolah Valley.

The police tried to get more information about the woman from the man who dropped her off. But they have proven that the man is not connected to her in any way, nor did he do anything wrong to her.

However, despite an ongoing media campaign across the country, no one has come forward to help the police solve her identity mystery. At first, the woman was not talking when she first arrived at the hospital.

Then she started talking to the staff, but still she cannot tell them her name or give consent to taking any of the tests. But since her health was improving, she has been moved to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Acting Inspector Robertson updated everyone with her health, noting that she’s looking much healthier than she first came to the hospital. He also said that her condition was improving and she’s getting better at communicating with others at the hospital. “She’s much improved, she’s improving daily and getting her strength back. But she was frail and still is.

” He added, “Health authorities have been taking care of her. We’re just making sure her health and safety are well managed. ”

They have also tried contacting the local RSL, some aged facilities, as well as doctors and shopping centers hoping that somebody knows her. But what can help them solve this mystery is hopefully the rustic gold dress ring on her finger!

The authorities are hoping that with the ring on her finger that looked like something special to her, they would be able to share photos of her healthier state and her ring for others to help them identify her. He said, “We got an updated photograph and she was also wearing a ring that may be identified.”

They were not conducting a criminal investigation yet but they are trying to find more details to help determine her residence. Also, he noted that there were no signs of elder abuse. “We just want to reunite her with her family because we don’t know who she is. All the names that we have been provided, we are confident it is not them.

” Robertson added, “Obviously, there might be more of a story to tell when she is reunited, and the family can speak to us. The missing piece to the puzzle. It just takes one person who knows a person to make a phone call. ”

Help share this story and the womans’ photo and her ring to help the authorities find her way back home. Nobody knows who she is up to this day and the authorities are hoping that they can help her find her family. For sure, her loved ones are already worried about her and would want for her to come back home soon.

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