A new teacher was hired at a school.

A school employed a new Spanish teacher who had just graduated from college.

The principal decides to sit in on the teacher’s first day of class to observe.

He sits down close to Little Johnny.

The teacher writes a statement in Spanish on the board as the lesson proceeds.

She spills the chalk on the floor and reaches down to get it.

She stands up and asks the students to interpret the statement she just typed.

Little Johnny raises his hand and declares,

“I’d hit it if the skirt was a little shorter.”

The teacher, understandably agitated, screams out,

“Johnny! That is unpleasant and impolite! “Leave my class right now!”

Little Johnny is packing his belongings when he strikes the principal over the head with his Spanish textbook and exclaims.

“And you, Mister, keep your d@mn mouth shut if you don’t know sh!t!”

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