On their anniversary, a couple decides to go out to eat.

A couple decides to celebrate their anniversary by going out to eat at their favorite Chinese restaurant.

They study the menu and ultimately agree to share the chef’s special “Chicken Surprise.”

The dinner is brought over by the waiter in a covered cast-iron kettle.

Just as the lady is ready to begin eating, the lid of the pot is raised slightly, revealing two beady little eyes peering around before slamming back down.

“Wait, did you see that?” She asks her husband a question.He hasn’t, so she requests that he peek in the pot.

He goes for it, and the lid raises again, revealing two beady, tiny eyes peering about before firmly slamming back down.

He summons the waiter, describes what is occurring, and demands an explanation.

“Well, sir, what did you order?” says the waiter.

“We both went with the chicken surprise,” he says.

“Oh, I sincerely apologize; this is my responsibility.” According to the waiter…

‘I’ve brought you the Peking duck’
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