A man calls home.

A man calls home from work and tells his wife ”

I have the opportunity to go fishing for a week.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

I have to go straight soon, so I pack my clothing, fishing gear, and, most importantly, my blue silk pajamas.

I’ll be there in an hour to pick them up”. The man dashes home to collect everything.

He hugs his wife, apologizes for the short notice, and rushes out.

A week later, the guy returns home, and his wife inquires, “Did you have a pleasant vacation, dear?” The man responds. ”

Yep, the fishing was great….but you neglected to carry my blue silk pajamas “.

His Wife Smiles And Says,” OH,NO I DID’NT ….”I PUT THEM IN YOUR TACKLE BOX!”.

A nice belly chuckle

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