A budding young ventriloquist

A young ventriloquist is traveling the clubs and stops in a tiny village to amuse the locals.

He’s doing his normal “stupid blonde” jokes when a blond woman in the fourth row gets up and begins yelling.

“I’ve had enough of your slanderous blonde jokes, asshole. What gives you the impression that you can generalize women in this way?

“What does a woman’s hair color have to do with her worth as a human being?”

“It’s men like you that prevent women like me from being appreciated at work and in the community and from realizing our full potential as individuals since you and your ilk continue to propagate prejudice against not only blondes but women in general.” “All in the name of levity.”

The ventriloquist, flustered, attempts to apologize when the blonde says:

“Mister, you keep out of this!” “I’m speaking to that filth on your knee!”
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