Joke of the day…One evening

A family transports their ailing, old mother to a nursing facility one evening and leaves her there, expecting she will be adequately cared for.

The nurses clean her, serve her a delicious breakfast, and place her in a chair by a window overlooking a magnificent flower garden the next morning.

She appears to be well at first, but after a time, she begins to lean sideways in her chair. Two kind nurses come up to catch her and straighten her out.

Again, she appears to be OK, but after a time, she begins to lean to the other side. The nurses come back and help her to her feet once more. This continues all morning.

Later, the family arrives to observe how the elderly lady is coping with her new surroundings. “So, Ma’am, how’s it going?” How are they treating you? They inquire.

“It’s rather lovely,” she says. “With the exception that they won’t let you fart.”
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