A married couple in their twenties

A newlywed couple wished to join a church. The priest informed them, “For new parishioners, we have specific standards.” “You must refrain from se*xual activity for two weeks.”

The pair agreed and returned after two weeks. “Well, did you manage to go two weeks without getting intimate?” said the pastor.

“Pastor, I’m afraid we weren’t able to go two weeks without se*x,” the young guy said.

“What happened?” the pastor inquired.
“My wife spilled a can of corn she was reaching for on the top shelf. I was overcome with passion when she stooped over to pick it up, and I took advantage of her right there.

“Of course, you understand that this means you will not be welcome in our church,” the pastor explained.

“That’s OK,” the young man responded. “We’re also not welcome at the grocery store anymore.”

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