A bee is driving along

A bee is traveling along the highway when he notices a grasshopper searching for a ride.

He stops to pick him up.

After 100 kilometers, the automobile sputters to a halt.

The bee looks at the gasoline gauge, moans, gets out, pees in the fuel tank, gets back in the vehicle, and drives away.

Of course, the grasshopper is surprised after this happens two more times.

The automobile then runs out of gas for the fourth time in the middle of nowhere.

The bee begins to panic and says

“I simply cannot go again.”‘ I’ve been tapped.’

The grasshopper attempts to calm the bee by explaining that he desperately has to urinate and will gladly pee into the tank.

The bee comes to a complete stop and bursts out laughing.

“If only it were that easy, grasshopper.”‘ You see, this particular kind of automobile only runs on BP!’

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