Paddy was strolling.

Paddy was walking through a town one day when he passed a shop with a notice in the window:

The notice said “We sell everything.” Paddy could not believe this, so he went inside.

He walked to the counter and asked the salesperson.

“Do you really sell everything?”

according to the salesman. “Everything, yes.”

Paddy thought it was too wonderful to be true.

“OK, then, may I have a chicken jumper?”

according to the salesman.

“A jumpsuit for a chicken?” Hold on, I’ll go check the stock in the back.”

The salesperson returned five minutes later with a brown paper bag.

“Here you go, one chicken jumper.”

“How much is it?” Paddy inquired.

“Three quid.” responded to the salesperson.

“Three quid for a jumper for a chicken?” Excellent.” Said Paddy.

So he walked away. When he went outside, he realized he was almost done, so he checked inside the bag. A condom was found at the bottom of the bag.

He became enraged and marched back into business.

He yelled at the salesman.

“Hey, I asked for a jumper for a chicken, and you gave me a condom.” What’s up?”
The salesperson replied.

“Sorry mate, I checked in the back and we seem to be all out of jumpers for chickens; all we had was a pullover for a cock.”

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