Her Mom Left When She Was Ten. But What She Did That Day Is The Sweetest Thing

My parents never really got along as I grew up, and even as a kid, I kind of knew they didn’t love each other.

One day, when I was 10, my mom finally packed up and left while my dad was at work. Except she entirely gutted the house; furniture, clothes, dishes, silverware, electronics, everything, packed into the back of a U-Haul and drove off and left me. I remember crying and screaming and clinging onto her leg, begging her to not go, or at least take me with her.

Anyway, I contacted my father and informed him what had occurred. He couldn’t leave work early, but he promised to return as quickly as possible and to lock all the doors and windows to keep everyone safe inside.

I’m not sure why, but I remembered these panini-style sandwiches my father used to make for me and decided to prepare one for him. I believe I simply needed to do something. So I cooked him a sandwich, served it on one of the paper plates I found because my mother had removed all of the other things, and sat on the front steps waiting for him.

I just gazed at it for a while and ended up sitting there for nearly four hours. My father arrived home to see the house completely destroyed. I just handed him the dish and said, “I cooked this for you,” and he accepted it, sat by me, and ate it with me. I knew he was trying hard not to cry in front of me, so I pretended not to see him crying.
Five years later, my dad still talks about that day. He talks about how my small gesture was the silver lining on one of the worst days of his life.

He says I saved his life.

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