A Teacher Realized That One Of His Students Had Just Stayed Idle.

On break time, a teacher realized that one of his students had just stayed idle like a desolated statue.

Wanting to at least cheer him up, the teacher went where the kid was and sat down beside him and said,

“Johnny, what’s wrong with you?” “Are you sick?”

“No.” He said so, shaking his head.

“So, what’s the problem?”

“All I want is to be alone.”



“How about you tell me a story?”

“Hmmm,” Johnny remarked, “all right, I’ll give you this story in four parts.”

“You’re talking now.” “What exactly is the plot?”

“It’s about my mother and father.”

“Really? That’ll be a fantastic one.”

“Yes,” she says, “it’s in four pieces.”

“So, what’s the story in Part One?”

“My mom and dad were traveling to a camping site yesterday. On their way there, they reached a junction where the road was splitting up.

Dad looked at my mom and said, “Honey, we’re going to take the right turn,” but my mom protested and said, “No, this road is too muddy!”

Take the right turn! Quickly, my dad slapped my mom and asked her, “Who is driving?” Is it you or me?’ “

“Damn! “That was harsh,” said the teacher.

“Really? “If you only knew about what happened in part two.”

“Okay, what happened in the second part?”

“When they got at the camping spot, my dad went straight fishing, and mum was home.” Dad returned about an hour later with five tilapia,

which delighted my mother, and she told him, “Well done, honey; bring them here so I can boil them for you and prepare you some soup.” My

father, on the other hand, objected, stating “no.” No. No, honey, I don’t want boiled fish, grill them a little and fry them later…’

Before he could continue, a scorching smack fell on his face, and my mother questioned him, ‘Who is cooking?” “Will it be you or me?”

“Fair enough,” the teacher responded, smiling.

“I like her intelligence.”

Johnny laughed and said, “Me too, but now I want to start telling you about what happened in the fourth part.” “You’ll like it, I bet you.”

The teacher cut him off.

“Why the fourth part?” “Tell me about what happened in the third part first.” Said the teacher before a surprisingly hot slap landed on her face.

“Dammit Johnny! “What was that for?”

Johnny laughed at her and said,

“Who is telling the story?” “Is it you or me?”

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