Struggling grandma raising triplets all alone finds a note and $300 on the table

Shiela Weisgerber is an amazing woman.

In 2016, the 54-year-old grandmother worked as a waitress while also caring for her daughter’s triplets.

During her shifts, Shiela loved talking about her daughter’s 4-year-old triplet boys – Bentley, Ashton, and Dalton.

Shiela, a North Dakota bartender, has been the sole caretaker for the triplets since they were only two months old. Her daughter was a struggling single mother and already had a little baby when she discovered she was pregnant with triplets.

Overflowed with emotions, the young mother felt she couldn’t provide the boys with the life she wanted to give them.

But then grandma Shiela stepped in and stood up – even though she also was going through some rough times. Working as a waitress, the money barely made ends meet. But the thought of leaving the boys to another family never occurred to her.

Left crying in the bathroom
Together, Sheila and the boys managed to cope with everyday life as a family with less money than others – but with more love and warmth.

Sheila was so proud of her boys that she couldn’t stop talking about them. But one day, all her ‘bragging’ about her children took an unexpcted turn, and would lead to her crying in the bathroom…

When Shiela Weisgerber’s daughter, a 30-year-old single mother, found out that she was expecting triplets, she broke down. The young mom was already having a tough time and knew she couldn’t provide for three more children. And as if this wasn’t tragic enough, the boys’ father had passed away from a car crash a couple of months before their arrival to the world.

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