An old farmer bought a mirror in the market.

An old farmer was in the market and saw a very nicely framed mirror.

Having never seen such a thing in his life, he was completely enamored with it and had to purchase it.

After he had, he felt foolish for spending such a large sum for it and hid it in the hay loft. Every day he would sneak out to the barn and look at himself in the mirror. He would fix his hair and smile at it.

Eventually, his wife began to notice the change in his appearance and demeanor and got suspicious.

She followed him out to the barn and hid. She saw him hold up the frame and fix his hair. Then he smiled big and hid it in the loose hay.

After he left, she crawled up into the loft and found it. She looked into the reflection and said…

“So that’s the Hag he’s been seeing!”

Little Johnny tells his dad that there was water in the carburetor of the car

Little Johnny runs to his dad and says, “Dad, there’s water in the carburetor of the car!”

“How can you be so sure?” the father asks.

“I just know there is,” replies Little Johnny.

“Do you even know what a carburetor is?”

“No,” says Little Johnny.

“OK, where is the car?”

“In the lake.”

What should Johnny tell his dad?

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