Today riddle: Can you solve this riddle in less than 1 minute?

Riddles are proven to help improve your brain function, logical thinking, and focus! We love finding tricky riddles for you to try out so this is a new series of brainteasers for you! What are you waiting for, give it a go!

The fun riddle today is:

There was a man who wanted to prove his love to his wife.
So, he climbed the highest mountain, swam the deepest ocean, and walked the biggest desert.

What do you think his wife said?

To solve this riddle, you have to think outside the box.

you have a total of 3 minutes to find the right answer.

After 3 minutes please check the answer below:




Answer: Nothing. She divorced him for never being at home.

Tricky riddle: How can you drop a raw egg without cracking it?

Regular brain teasers and puzzles that utilize your cognitive skills help to improve your ability to learn, your problem-solving skills, and your memory as you use specific neural networks.

Today, we bring you a fun riddle:

How can you drop a raw egg from a height onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Because it’s a hard riddle, you have 1 minute to think about the answer.

Can you solve it?

if not, check the answer below:



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