The CEO of a large company was in need of a secretary.

The CEO of a large company was in need of a secretary.

He spread ads all over town. A few days later, there was a knock on his door. It was a dog. He had a newspaper in his mouth. He opened it to the classifieds page and pointed to the ad that the CEO had placed. The CEO was impressed. But he thought it was a joke, so he playfully decided to test the dog:

– I need a secretary who understands the basics of computers.

The dog went to one of the secretary’s desks, climbed on the chair, turned on the router and the computer, in total tranquility. The CEO was amazed, but decided to go further:

– I need a secretary who understands spreadsheets.

The dog quickly opened Excel, grabbed a stack of papers, and started scanning names and contacts. The astonished CEO desperately followed:

– I need a bilingual secretary!

The dog replied:

– Meow.

A trucker was awoken by joggers

After driving for about six hours, a trucker decides to pull over and sleep for a little while.

As soon as he falls asleep, he is awoken by some knocks on the door of the cab.

“Can you tell me the time, please?” asks a jogger.

“Yeah, it’s 4:30,” answers the trucker.

He falls asleep again, but he is awoken again by another jogger who wants to know the time.

“It’s 4:40!” yells the trucker.

Deciding to really try to sleep a little, he writes on a piece of paper: I DON’T KNOW THE TIME.

He sticks the paper in his windshield. But he has awoken again

‘It’s 5:25!” another jogger yells at him.

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