Man wants his fiancée’s hymen checked by his own father to make sure she’s “pure”


Engagements are meant to be about love and excitement, but this man’s shocking actions shattered the blissful relationship he had with his fiancée.

In fact, things took a nightmarish turn when he dropped an outrageous request that left her questioning their relationship, and she took to Reddit to share her experience.

A woman loved her fiancé dearly. She thought they were the perfect match – she believed she didn’t want to spend her life with anybody else.

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The proposal, which happened eight months ago, was a joyous occasion, and they had plans for a relatively small wedding just two days away. Love was in the air, and everything seemed perfect.

But then, just days before their special day, the woman’s world was turned upside down when her fiancé approached her with an utterly absurd request – that his father inspect her hymen in the presence of his brothers and uncles to check her virginity.

“I am a virgin and so is he, he wanted to save it for marriage and I wasn’t fussed so I agreed to saving it,” the woman wrote. “He has told me earlier that in his family the father checks the virginity of the bride the night before the wedding. I laughed this off as it seriously sounds like a massive joke.”

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He then explained that in his family, the father checks a bride’s virginity the night before the wedding to see if she is still “pure.” Utterly uncomfortable with the request, the woman said she wasn’t sure she would do that.

The man insisted she go through it, assuring her that even his mom had to. “He said it would prove how much I love him,” she revealed. He also gaslit her saying she had nothing to hide if she was indeed a virgin.

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What Did The Woman Decide to Do?

The woman was left in a state of disbelief and decided to leave, leaving her soon-to-be-groom in tears. The situation then became extremely dramatic.

Part of the woman wanted to call off the wedding right then and there, but she loved the man and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She began considering the strange ceremony, all for the sake of being welcomed into the family.

She took shelter at a friend’s place while she tried to decide what to do. The following morning, she went to meet her fiancé to tell him she would not allow the males of his family to examine her, and he needed to respect her decision.

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However, her fiancé insisted that this ritual was something that must happen before they could even think about getting married. He even accused her of dishonesty regarding her virginity, saying that her reluctance to undergo the ceremony was proof of this.

Throughout the discussion, the woman stayed calm and rational. Unfortunately, her fiancé’s demeanor shifted from frustration to aggression, and the more she tried to explain herself, the angrier he became.

“I told him if he really loved me, he would stand by me on this and tell his father no,” the woman shared. She hoped he’d come around and agree, but she was stunned by his reaction.

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Instead of support, the woman was physically assaulted and slapped by her fiancé for expressing her thoughts. He said that he had no need to prove anything to her.

Did the wedding continue?

Heartbroken, the woman realized this was not the perfect man she once fell in love with. He turned out to be a completely different person, so she decided to call off their wedding.

The situation left the woman miserable. She lived with her friend and allowed herself to feel all her emotions before moving on and getting back up on her feet.

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This shocking story left many people in disbelief – some even assuming it was fake until the woman confirmed it was 100% true.

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