‘The Makeover Guy’ Gives This Divorced Woman One Of The Sexiest Transformations Yet


All women enjoy being beautiful, but sometimes in life things can get in the way of feeling our best.

Some people spend too much time comparing themselves with others. Others do not feel beautiful because they are always paying attention to small imperfections in themselves that, let’s be honest, we all have.

One of the times in life that a woman can feel most uncomfortable about herself is right after she gets separated from her spouse.

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Divorce is a common thing in life and can be hard on the ones going through it. Everything changes after a divorce. One thing that can be especially hard about divorce is wondering about all that you may have done wrong. This kind of pondering can seriously hurt your self-esteem.

One woman recently was going through precisely that. 48-year-old Heather from Amarillo, Texas, got ready to go through a divorce. It was an unpleasant time for her in which she totally gave up on herself.

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