A Redditor man had shared a story on Reddit’s “offmychest” subreddit. The man had overheard his wife while the woman was talking with her friend, about how she really is feeling about her husband.

The Redditor explained that he was a disabled man, who was diagnosed with, as OP shared, “a severe degenerative disease that attacks my spine, hips, hands, etc. It’s very hard for me to walk more than 20 feet at a time. I can’t bend over, hold things very well anymore, pick up anything over a few pounds, and quite a few other fun things.”

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The man had explained that he is battling with his disease for more than ten years. And he also stated that his wife was there for him whenever he needed. “I always make sure to tell her how much I appreciate it, and if it’s ever too much to please talk to me about it.” the Redditor said.

But while he was on the hallway of their house, where he was moving on his walker, trying to get his shoes on, his wife thought that man had left to pick their son from his Air Soft practice.

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OP wrote, “I heard her telling her best friend how she’s tired of playing babysitter to a grown man. She’s tired of helping me do things like put a sock on my left foot, because my hip no longer works. How she is tired of me dropping things, wincing in pain all of the time, tired of me not being able to help with chores, other than very basic things like dusting and wiping counters. This continued for a few minutes. One thing after another, on and on. Finally she said “I’d give anything to be able to have sex with a real man again”…that it’s taken all of her self control to not find someone else to be with…how she can never leave because she’ll be the one who abandoned her sick husband.”

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The Redditor was devastated. He couldn’t stop hearing that his wife wanted a “real man.” He asked “What does that make me?”

“I’ve lost everything in these last 10 years. A career, house, cars, money, pride, mobility, my life. It’s all been replaced with pain, hospitals, surgeries, pills, needles, canes, wheelchairs, sadness, loneliness, hopelessness. I guess the one thing I never thought I’d lose has now been lost….Love.” OP wrote.

And he explained that he wanted to make it easier to leave for his wife. He doesn’t want people to think for her that she left her disabled husband alone. The disabled man said that he will make himself the villain. The Redditor has planned to say that he is been having an affair, and he will say that he is in love with the woman he is having the affair.

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OP concluded his post as, “I’m going to give her everything I can give her. I don’t need anything. I want her to be happy again. I want her to find what she is longing for. She’ll be angry and hurt. She will probably hate me for a long time, possibly forever. But she’ll be free from rumors and crass looks. She’ll be free from guilt…..She will be free…from me.”

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