A Woman Hid Under Bed To Check On Her Husband. What He Scribbled On The Note Is An Unexpected Twist

A frustrated wife waiting impatiently for her husband to return home from work posted a note that read, “I’ve had enough of you and I’m leaving.

Don’t waste your time trying to find me.

Then, curious about his reaction, she hid under the bed.

The husband arrives home after a little while, and she hears him in the kitchen before he enters the bedroom.

She watched as he went to the drawer to retrieve the message.

After waiting a while, he scribbled something on it and then made a phone call.

“Finally, she’s gone,” he said on the phone call.

Put on your most seductive French nightgown; I’m going to see you.

“I adore you…” excited to finally see you…

We will do “anything” you want.“

He ended the call, grabbed his keys, and left.

After hiding under the bed for a while, she heard the car leave.

Her eyes welled up with tears as she wept with rage.

She reached for the note to read his scribbles.

“I can see your shoes. We have run out of bread; be back in five minutes.”

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