Arnold Schwarzenegger Pays Touching Tribute to Late Best Friend Franco Columbu

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his work as an actor, former bodybuilder, and politician, is paying tribute to Franco Columbu, who was his closest friend and confidant for a long time before he passed away. In a moving obituary, Arnold Schwarzenegger reflects on the significant influence that Columbu had on his life, as well as the accomplishments they attained together and the enduring relationship they shared.

Franco Columbu, an Italian bodybuilder and powerlifter, rose to renown in the 1970s and 1980s alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, creating a friendship that went beyond the domains of fitness and entertainment. Schwarzenegger was one of Franco Columbu’s biggest inspirations. Not only did these two great men help each other to dominate the world of bodybuilding together, but they also supported one other throughout their individual careers.

The passing of Schwarzenegger’s close friend Columbu has left him feeling profoundly bereft, and he has taken to social media to share his feelings and pay tribute to the indelible impact that Columbu had on his life. In a moving Instagram post, he posted a series of images that captured the innumerable adventures that they had together, both on and off the stage.

In the beginning of the post, Arnold Schwarzenegger reflects on their journey together, beginning with their time spent as training partners and ending with the two of them being lifelong friends. He thinks back with fondness on their strenuous training sessions, arduous tournaments, and the unflinching support they offered for one another, both in their personal and professional lives…Read Below

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