Raymand was a 35-year-old man who would call himself a “family guy,” who helps his family with whatever he can do for them. Two years after he got divorced from his ex-wife, Darin, due to infertility issues, he started to help his niece, Annie. When she started to her college, Raymond funded him.

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During the weekend, when Raymond was in his mother’s house, his sis Jane and Annie were there too. As it should be a bonding time, his relationship with Annie got deteriorated.

As Raymond was half-asleep, he got thirsty and went to kitchen on the downstairs. Then he heard Annie, who was talking with Darin on the phone, Raymond’s ex-wife. At first, he didn’t thought anything bad as Annie had a good relationship with Darin.

He realized that Darin was expecting a baby with her new husband, which was hurtful for Raymond. But what his niece said was the thing broke him. “I told you so, I told you so,” Annie said on the phone. “I always knew Uncle Raymond was the problem. He just couldn’t admit it because of his fragile masculinity.”

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As Raymond was shocked, “He was too afraid to face the truth. You were smart to leave him before it was too late.” Annie continued.

Raymond went back to upstairs without drinking anything. He was hurt, and shocked. During the day his mother and sister saw how devastated he was, but they didn’t knew the reason why. As they asked, Raymond spilled the tea about what he heard.

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Annie went silent after she heard it, and her mother, Jane tried to cool things down as she said that Annie was a kid, and what she said was “spouting nonsense.”

When Raymond returned back to his house, he texted to Jane that he will not fund Annie anymore. As Jane tried to call back, Raymond ignored his sister’s calls. His mother also tried to contact and said that Annie shouldn’t lose her funding because of what she said, but Raymond’s wound was too fresh to let it slide.

Later, Annie sent a letter to Raymond. She also made a scrapbook, their collection from the past. There were many pictures in it, which all had their memories.

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As she confessed and apologized in the letter, she improved their relation back to where they were. When Raymond read the letter, he realized how important Annie was for her, and he got softened. He decided to fund her again, as he was believing in second chances.

But surprisingly, Annie didn’t accepted the funding from Raymond, as she stated that she wasn’t deserving this great action from her uncle. She stated that she had hurted him, and she shouldn’t just benefit from an apology.

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