Valeria Levitin, aged 39 and hailing from Monaco, is known as the world’s thinnest woman at just four stone. Her emaciated figure is a stark warning about the perils of eating disorders. Valeria has received fan mail from girls eager to replicate her skeletal appearance, a fact she finds deeply disturbing, stating, “I’m not going to teach young girls how to die.”

Her anorexia battle began in her teenage years, largely influenced by her mother’s obsession with her weight. Hoping to fit in when she moved to Chicago at 16, Valeria embarked on an extreme diet. She later pursued a modeling career but was continually told she was too heavy. By 24, weighing just six stone, she was banned from dancing due to the risk of injury.

Valeria’s health has deteriorated to the point where she can’t even recall the taste of bread. She aspires to be a mother, a potential incentive for healing, and is determined to combat anorexia while urging others to seek help.

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