I Kicked Out My Widowed Dad & His Pregnant Wife After Discovering What She Did To My Little Sister

Losing a parent is really tough, no matter how old you are. One Reddit user shared her story about her mom passing away three years ago. Just six months later, her dad got remarried, which was hard for her and her younger sister, who was only 16. They thought it was too soon for their dad to marry again.

The new step-mom moved into their family home, where they used to live with their mom. But then, the step-mom took down all the photos of their mom and put them in the younger sister’s room. This made the younger sister feel even sadder, especially because the step-mom got pregnant with twins.

To try and cheer up, the younger sister decided to have a party for her 16th birthday while their dad and step-mom were away.

But when the parents came back early and saw the party, the step-mom got really mad and kicked the younger sister out of the house, even though their dad knew about the party and agreed to it.

The next day, when the older sister found out what happened, she was really angry at her dad for not protecting her younger sister. So, she told her dad and step-mom to leave the house, giving them a week to find a new place.

Her dad was shocked and called her names, but she felt it was the right thing to do because her dad should have stood up for her sister.

People on Reddit supported her decision, saying she did the right thing. They agreed that her dad should have protected her younger sister and that kicking them out was fair.

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