My Husband Saw Our Newborn & Threw My Things Out On The Street – Then He Got a DNA Test

The arrival of a newborn is usually a joyous occasion, but for one woman, it turned into a nightmare because of her baby’s skin color. Her husband, seeing the baby’s darker skin, accused her of cheating without even talking to her.

He threw her out of the house, tossing all their baby things onto the street. She had to go back to her parents’ house, feeling shocked and hurt by his actions.

After a few weeks, the husband agreed to a DNA test, which showed he was the father. But there was a surprise – the husband had African ancestry he didn’t know about. It turned out his great-grandmother had a child with an African man from an affair. Feeling guilty, he apologized and begged for forgiveness, but the damage was done.

The woman couldn’t forget the hurtful things he said and did. Despite suggestions for therapy, she decided to separate from him. She became the primary caregiver for their baby but allowed him to visit. Redditors supported her decision, saying she deserved better and advising her on legal steps.

She announced their separation and custody arrangement. Some Redditors pointed out the lasting impact of the husband’s actions on her mental well-being, suggesting that if he had known about his ancestry, he might have reacted differently.

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