The mother has prohibited her smoking mother-in-law from holding the baby unless she has taken a recent shower and changed clothes beforehand.

Welcoming a baby brings joy but also stress. A mom worried about her mother-in-law’s smoking, fearing thirdhand smoke for her newborn. Though the mother-in-law avoided smoking near the baby, the scent on her clothes concerned the mom. Thirdhand smoke has nicotine and residues lingering indoors after smoking, risking kids’ health. Seeking advice, the mom asked if her mother-in-law could shower and change clothes before holding the baby to eliminate the risk. Balancing warmth and boundaries is challenging during visits.

The Care and Feeding column advised expressing preferences, her reactions, and her responsibility. During visits, maintaining strictness is reasonable; leniency might be needed when visiting. The post sparks discussions on Facebook, inviting differing opinions, especially from grandmothers.

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